Award-winning author Charity Marie loves dragons, wizards, and swords. She also loves writing and reading stories of all kinds. She’s a certified Paralegal and a licensed Realtor. She lives in Texas with her pets and one incredible, patient husband. 

Charity’s writing has been featured in publications around the world. She writes fiction, nonfiction, and occasionally dabbles in poetry as a hobby. She writes character-driven fiction for children and adults.

Her award-winning children’s fantasy/adventure series, Jason & Lizzy’s Legendary Adventures features a cast of zany characters children love. The third book, Jason, Lizzy, and the Luckless Leprechauns is pending release in 2021 and the fourth book, Jason, Lizzy, and the Dark Fairies, is scheduled for a 2022 release. Her young adult fantasy, How to Adopt a Dragon is also pending release in 2021. She’s hard at work on her literary novella, Cherry Blossom Tree.

Her nonfiction has been featured in Coldwell Banker, The American Genius, Strategy Magazine, iPhone Life, AddressTwo University, and much more. Her essay, Stop the World, won best essay in 2019. Her short fiction has been featured in the award-winning Duck Soup magazine and the Drastic Measures Anthology (with George Clayton Johnson, who wrote Ocean’s Eleven). You can find all of her publishing credits on her CV page.

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