About Charity Marie

Dragons, wizards, and swords: these are just three of Charity Marie’s favorite things. She loved reading at an early age thanks to the patient tutoring of a retired teacher. By age 14, she had discovered the magic of writing her own stories and has been doing so ever since. She is the award-winning author of Jason & Lizzy’s Legendary Adventures series (Reader’s Favorite). Currently, she’s hard at work on multiple projects, including book three in the Jason and Lizzy series. You can interact with her on or find her books on Amazon.

Charity Marie is also an accomplished public speaker available for speaking engagements on a wide range of topics. She speaks before large and small groups around the country, both virtually and live.

Jason, Lizzy & the Snowman Village

Hardcover, Paperback

After Jason and Lizzy’s family move hundreds of miles south from Chicago to Texas, leaving behind friends, school and the only home they’ve ever known, they are desperate for something familiar. Together, Jason and Lizzy make a late-night wish upon a star for snow that launches them on an incredible adventure even bigger than their recent cross-country move.

Jason, Lizzy, and the Ice Dragon

Hardcover, Paperback

After losing her parents in a horrible fire, Abigail finds a magic necklace, and is transformed into a powerful ice dragon. Soon, she realizes her curse. Jason and Lizzy are called on by Mother Nature to help Abigail. The only way to end the curse is to find the most powerful wizard of all, who vanished years ago.

Reflections: A Short Story Collection

Hardcover, e-Book

Featuring 13 short stories and 8 nonfiction essays by award-winning author Charity Marie in the last fifteen years, this premium short story collection available in hardcover shines a light on modern life through a writer’s view. At the end of each piece is an “Author’s Reflections” section detailing Charity Marie’s unique perspectives on writing, life, influences, and experiences. Rarely do readers have an opportunity to glimpse deep inside a writer’s mind to better understand their literature.

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