Welcome! I’m so glad you stopped by my humble website. I hope you’ll pull up a chair, a comfy pillow and blanket, a beverage, and stay for a while. There’s lots to offer you here.

Charity Marie | Author

First and foremost are the stories. I’ve been telling stories for over 20 years. Hard to believe I’ll be 40 at the end of this year and have been writing since I was 14. In a few years. I’ll be saying 30 years before you know it! And while I’m getting older, I relish it because it means I’m getting better, smarter, and have important things to share with my readers.

I focus on a lot of different elements in writing. It’s not just about telling a good story, although that’s a key. It’s not just about great characters although that helps. It’s also about sharing important truths with you. It’s about being real, even if it’s through a character.

So, keep an eye out for lots more stories – short ones, long ones, happy ones, sad ones, uplifting and hopeful ones, exciting ones, and more.

‘Til our next adventure,

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