Temple, Texas. April 20, 2019. Award-winning author Charity Marie is proud to announce winning Biopage’s award for best essay for her essay “Stop the World”. The piece is a personal creative essay about her experience with suicide over 25 years ago and the kindness of a police officer whose wise words spoken from the heart have saved her life multiple times since. You can read the essay at https://www.biopage.com/post/stop-the-world


From Charity

I wrote this piece in early 2019 after watching all of my family members become suicidal. Thankfully we’d made a pact that if they ever felt like they would harm themselves, they would come to me first. Each one did and I dropped everything to be at their side and help. I was able to help them through some tremendously difficult times. If it hadn’t been for Officer Spalding, and his gift to me, I never would have known how to handle these situations. And I think that’s true for most people. We don’t know how to handle suicide or prevent it. But with this story, I want to bring about awareness that you can help. You can be a suicide prevention buddy, like I am. The steps are easy as 1-2-3.


1) Make a pact – you promise to be there if the other says, “I want to hurt myself.” or anything similar. No questions, no judgement, no trying to figure it out or fix it. You will drop everything to be with that person as quickly as possible and take it as seriously as it deserves. Your friend must promise to tell you rather than hurt themselves.

2) Call a suicide hotline for help. 1-800-273-8255 Ask for local resources that can help. Or take friend to the local ER for a mental health evaluation and admission for suicidal ideation.

3) Stay with your friend until help arrives and then see that person through the entire process from start to finish, whatever that may take.

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