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Award-winning Author Charity Marie has over 20 years publishing experience and more than 100 publication credits. Topics range and include business, technology, parenting, mental health, wellness, home, regional, news, and more. Charity writes about topics that interest her and her readers, and loves to focus on issues she’s passionate about. She provides freelance content and consulting services to everything from start ups to national magazines and newspapers around the world. Below is a comprehensive list of her work, from newest to oldest in each category.

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Jason & Lizzy’s Legendary Adventures Books

●  Jason, Lizzy, & the Snowman Village (2013) | Book 1 (Reader’s Favorite, Gold, Children’s Literature)

●  Jason, Lizzy, & the Ice Dragon (2016) | Book 2

●  Jason, Lizzy, & the Luckless Leprechauns | Book 3 (Pending, 2022)

●  Jason, Lizzy, and the Lost Pegasus | Book 4 (Pending)

The Ebondale Trilogy (A Jason & Lizzy Trilogy)

●  Jason, Lizzy, and the Dark Fairies (Pending)

●  Jason, Lizzy, and the Lich (Pending)

●  Jason, Lizzy, and the Dark Queen (Pending)

Cherry Blossom Tree, a literary novella. (Pending)

The Dragon’s Peak series (Pending)

●  How to Adopt a Dragon, a novel (Pending)

Most Wanted: A Jazz Macintosh series (Pending)


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Short & Long Fiction Stories

●  Awakened Voices Literary MagazineShadows of Darkness. October 2019.

●  “Most Wanted” (2019)

●  Duck Soup Magazine: “Alone” (2011)

●  Drastic Measures Anthology: “Seeking Redemption” (2010)

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●  She Speaks, a literary film. Amazon Prime. A Mother’s Love. (pending)

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Contest Wins and Awards

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●  BioPage, Best Essay. Stop the World. (2019).

●  Gold, Readers Favorite, Children’s Literature. Jason, Lizzy, and the Snowman Village. 2013.

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Microtronix Tech
Offbeat Magazine
AddressTwo University
Strategy Magazine
Zenith City
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coffee house
Spire Wellness
50 Authors
Moxie Lady
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the american genius
iPhone Life Magazine
Coldwell Banker
cardplayer lifestyle

Throwing Out the Rules: How Ignoring Writing Advice Freed Me to Write My Way. The Writer magazine. August 2022.

She Speaks anthology. A Mother’s Love. (April 2021)

● Wyatt Law Firm Blog. Wyatt Law Firm Donates $35,000 to Elf Louise Christmas Project. January 2021.

● Wyatt Law Firm Blog. Travel and Driving Tips for the Holidays. November 2020.

● Wyatt Law Firm Blog. 18-Wheeler Jackknife in Texas. October 2020.

● Wyatt Law Firm Blog. Wyatt Law Firm, Carabin Shaw Partner to Help Covid-19 Patients. August 2020.

Awakened Voices Literary MagazineShadows of Darkness. October 2019.

Coffee House WritersVaping: The Crisis for Today’s Youth. October 2019.

● The American Genius Magazine. Money ≠ happiness: Why the wealthy feel the most empty of us all. November 7, 2022.

● The American Genius Magazine. Ultra-accessible theme park for disabled and special needs people. April 2019.

● The American Genius MagazineThe Rise and Risk of Political Discrimination in the Workplace. April 2019.

● The American Genius Magazine. How to Avoid the Train Wreck of Social Media Influencers. March 2019

● The American Genius Magazine. Overtime Laws Could Soon Be Getting an Update. March 2019.

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “Microsoft Releases Preview of Windows 8.1″ (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “The dual edged sword of your business offering gift cards” (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “New IBM ads say it’s time for smarter cities” (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “Gmail vs. Mailstrom: the battle to reach Inbox Zero” (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “Startwire accelerates, streamlines recruiting, job hunting” (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “Sign painting: invisible art in a digital world” (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “How to search Google like a boss: cheat sheet” (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “How JCPenney can rebuild their reputation right now” (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “Debunking the myth that the economy hasn’t changed” (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “JC Penney making all the right moves, will it be enough?” (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “Prada fires “ugly” employee, now suing her for $780k” (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “#FitchTheHomeless: will Abercrombie please shut up?” (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “Bing Deals Becomes Bing Offers: Caveat Emptor” (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “The Rise of Visual Storytelling in Marketing” (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “Google Glass’ Far Reaching Possibilities” (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “A Call for the Firing of Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries” (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “Send Money Through Email Using Google Wallet” (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “Magnetique: see outfits in magazines, find them nearby” (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “Postable: greeting cards are going high tech” (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “eTextbooks let profs see student progress: overstepping?” (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “Popular Mailbox app: revolutionary or overly hyped?” (2013)

● The American Genius (Staff Contributor): “Virgin America launches seat to seat chat: fun or foolish?” (2013)

Microtronix Tech. How to Book a High School Motivational Speaker. March 2019.

● Microtronix Tech. Simple Workplace Safety Tips. March 2019.

● Microtronix Tech. Top 3 Causes of Workplace Deaths. March 2019.

● Microtronix Tech. Youth Assemblies. March 2019.

● Microtronix Tech. Finding a Motivational Speaker. January 2019. Reviews with Honesty Newsletter. How to Give Consistent, High-Quality Reviews. March 2019.

●’s Blogging Bliss NewsletterHow Blogging has Changed. February 2019.

iPhone Life Magazine. Cloud Storage Showdown: A Comparison of Today’s Top Services. 2015.

Spire Wellness. Food Safety Tips for Labor Day & Beyond. 2014.

● Spire Wellness: Skincare Tips Summer 2014. 2014.

AddressTwo University. Managing Your Simple CRM: Tips for Clean Data in AddressTwo (2014)

● AddressTwo University“Blogging: 5 Tips to Make Your Blog Work For You” (2013)

● AddressTwo University“2014 Goal Setting in 45 Minutes or Less” (2013)

● AddressTwo University“3 Big Reasons to Stop Using Gmail as Your Business Email Address” (2013)

● AddressTwo University“SEO with Kountz Marketing Group” (2013)

● 50 Authors from 50 States: Texas Love with Charity Kountz. 2014

WOW! Women on Writing: “How to Build a Solid Author Platform: Use WordPress” (2012)

● Strategy Magazine: Twelve Seconds with Nick Carter.

● Moxie Lady: The Four Best Ways to Use Twitter Metrics.

● Moxie Lady: “Facing Down a Sluggish Job Market.”

● Zenith City News (Columnist, Features): “Metamorphosis of a Mom” (2010, 2011)

● (Uncredited) Using Drip Marketing to Drive Sales

● (Uncredited) Why Small Businesses Should Choose Email Marketing

● (Uncredited) The Evolution of Modern Anti-Spam Regulation

● Cardplayer Lifestyles (Staff Contributor): “What It’s Like to Play Low-Stakes Poker with Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey, and the WPT Crew” (February 09, 2023)

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Relevant Experience

Nonfiction Authors Association – Reviewer/Judge for Nonfiction Book Awards 
2022 – Present

Editor-in-Chief, Writers Roundtable Magazine + Podcast (2021 – Present)

Editor, Full House Literary Magazine (2021-Present)

Social Media Manager/Business Consultant, Build-A-Box Boutique. (2021-Present)

Owner, Starrett Marketing (2021-Present)

Owner, Starrett Family Trucking (2020 – Present)

Marketing Director/Demand Writer, Wyatt Law Firm (2020)

Certified Paralegal (2017-Present)

Licensed Texas Realtor (2015 – Present)

Microsoft Office Specialist (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access) (1998 – Present)

Editor-in-Chief & Social Media Consultant, AddressTwo. (2012 – 2014)

SEO Consultant, Serve the Home. (2013)

Owner & Marketing Consultant, Kountz Marketing Group (2010 – 2015)

Social Media & Events Coordinator, Irving Women’s Network. (2011)

Communications Director, Irving Firefighters Ball. (2011)

Small Business Committee member, Irving Chamber of Commerce. (2010 – 2011)

Board Member, Crimes Against Kids Eliminated (CAKE). (2011)

Writing Consultant, Indiana Purdue University – Fort Wayne (2010)

Journalism Club President & Editor-in-Chief, Vibrations Magazine, Santa Fe College (2000-2001)

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IWWG – International Women’s Writing Guild

● WLT – Writers’ League of Texas

● NFAA – Nonfiction Authors Association

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Residencies & Fellowships

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Rockvale Writers Colony (September 2022)


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● (Uncredited) Using Drip Marketing to Drive Sales

● (Uncredited) Why Small Businesses Should Choose Email Marketing

● (Uncredited) The Evolution of Modern Anti-Spam Regulation

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