Charity Marie is an accomplished public speaker available for speaking engagements on a wide range of topics. She speaks before large and small groups around the country, both virtually and live.

Topics include:

Mental Health, Mental Illness, and Parenting for Adults

Charity Marie | AuthorCharity has extensive personal and professional experience working with mental illness. Her thirteen-year-old daughter has schizoaffective disorder. But more than her personal experiences, she has experience working with numerous personal injury clients with mental illness, including those with bipolar disorder, depression, and individuals struggling with suicidal ideation. She is an empathetic speaker and comfortable speaking about:

    • Suicide and Suicide Prevention
    • Childhood Schizophrenia
    • Understanding Mental Illness in Children
    • Navigating Healthcare with Mental Illness
    • Managing a Child with Mental Illness
    • Creating a Positive Home
    • Protecting Your Child’s Mental Health

    Topics for Students

    Charity is a big believer that our children are our precious future.  She focuses on topics that are relevant to children today including:

    • Bullying
    • Peer Pressure
    • Overcoming Challenges in Life
    • Building Resilience
    • Positivity

    Writing and Publishing

    Charity has been writing for more than 26 years and has a wealth of knowledge she’s willing to share.  She can speak to adults or children on topics to include:

    • The Writing Process
    • Creativity
    • Publishing
    • The Business of Writing

    Book Readings and Signings

    One of Charity’s favorite things to do is meet with readers and do book readings.  All of her books are available for live or virtual public speaking events, fundraisers for schools and churches, and for classroom activities.

    Topics Not Listed Above

    Do you have a topic you’d like Charity to speak on? She’d be happy to consider other topics, simply contact her with your suggestions.

    Content Services | Charity Marie | Author

    Award-winning author Charity Marie Kountz has over 20 years experience with writing content on a range of topics including business, health, parenting, technology, and real estate. No matter the topic, she employs her top-notch research skills, years of interview experience, and ability to make complex ideas simple for readers, to produce enjoyable, SEO-friendly content. While she can cover a wide variety of topics, she does not write about sex, politics, and religious topics.

    Content Services | Charity Marie | Author

    Unafraid of controversial or stigmatized topics, she’s written and spoken extensively about mental health and illness, abortion and the right to choose, STDs, environmental issues, women’s rights, homelessness, poverty, suicide, bullying, rape and trauma, PTSD, depression, as well as special needs for children, and some of the not-so-happy things involved with parenting and life in general.

    Content Services | Charity Marie | Author

    If you’re interested in retaining Charity for content services, be sure to submit a contact request. You can find her Curriculum Vitae here. To request a speaking event, visit here.


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