Jason, Lizzy, and the Ice Dragon Events Tickets (Autographed Hardcover)

Meeting Ended 28 Feb 2021
Duration: 45 min
Price: $23.99

After losing her parents in a horrible fire, Abigail finds a magic necklace, and is transformed into a powerful ice dragon. Soon, she realizes her curse. Jason and Lizzy are called on by Mother Nature to help Abigail. The only way to end the curse is to find the most powerful wizard of all, who vanished years ago.

Zoom Event – 45 minutes, family friendly, ages 8+
Autographed Hardcover
Free Kindle Version

Praise for Jason, Lizzy, and the Ice Dragon

This book is a fun adventure for middle grade readers. It teaches friendship and perseverance. I recommend it for boys and girls from 3rd – 6th grade. ~C. Morley

An entertaining story with a valuable message. ~D. Humphrys-Dunne

Very imaginative! ~L. Garcia


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